Gregory Pepper 'Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!' (album stream)

Gregory Pepper 'Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!' (album stream)
Guelph-based songsmith Gregory Pepper will unleash his jam-packed 10-song 7-inch single Chorus! Chorus! Chorus! later this week, but Exclaim! is giving you a chance to hear it before it officially lands.
Taking on a challenge that Weezer themselves failed to conquer, Pepper's new record attempts to be the album that Rivers Cuomo and the gang "should have made after Pinkerton." A compilation of songs that are "elusively confessional, proudly nostalgic, and as fun as crashing a shopping cart when you're drunk with plans on getting drunker," the new set manages to blend '90s rock with endearing modern twists.
While boredom ("Welcome to the Dullhouse") and lovestruck pining ("Crush on You") mirror the themes of Pinkerton, the grunge-y, hook-filled tunes get brought into the modern age with tracks like "Smart Phones for Stupid People" — which laments the decline of the beeper and the rise of the inane selfie generation.
Elsewhere, Pepper ponders the age-old industry question of "I Wonder Whose Dick You Had to Suck?" (with a shoutout to friendly neighbourhood entertainment news outlet Exclaim!) and likens himself to a certain comedy icon ("I'm Bill Murray"). The single wraps up with "Last Drag," bringing the short, sweet and delightfully Weezer-esque collection to close.
Chorus! Chorus! Chorus! is out on August 21, but you can give the whole thing a spin in the player below right now.''