GoFundMe Launched for Beverly Glenn-Copeland

The artist and wife Elizabeth are "essentially homeless" after COVID-19 disrupted tour plans

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jun 3, 2020

A crowdfunding effort has been launched in support of Beverly Glenn-Copeland and wife Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland, who are "essentially homeless" after COVID-19 disrupted the songwriter and composer's touring plans for 2020.

"Like many artists, my parents have been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 crisis," writes the couple's daughter, Faith, and her partner Quinn, in a GoFundMe campaign. They write that Glenn-Copeland "was on track to return the first profitable year" of his career, and had "tours scheduled in Australia, the U.K. and Europe."

This lost tour revenue has now impacted Glenn-Copeland's living situation.

"A few months before the pandemic, my parents sold their modest home in Sackville, NB and are now unable to finance a new home," Faith writes. "Without money to pay market rent, they are essentially homeless. Though they have secured a temporary situation in which to live thanks to the kindness of strangers, the reality remains that they have little income to finance living costs for this next year or the relocation west that will soon be necessary."

Faith concludes, "On behalf of my parents, and out of respect for all they have given over the years to the communities in which they have lived and worked, we are asking our collective network of friends, family and supporters to step in and help alleviate some of the financial stress."

You can contribute through GoFundMe here, and can also contribute directly to Glenn-Copeland through the artist's PayPal.

Glenn-Copeland's career includes a solo catalogue that spans jazz, blues, folk and electronic, contributions to albums from Bruce Cockburn, Ken Friesen and more, and a role as a frequent musical guest on Canadian children's television staple Mr. Dressup.

His 1986 album, Keyboard Fantasies, has been highly sought out by collectors as a once-obscure New Age LP, and was reissued for a third time by Séance Centre earlier this year.

Last year, Glenn-Copeland reissued Primal Prayer, an LP initially released in 2004 under nom de plume Phynix.

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