Godflesh "Ringer"

Godflesh 'Ringer'
As previously reported, Justin K. Broadrick has resurrected industrial metal project Godflesh for a new EP dubbed Decline & Fall, which he'll deliver to UK crowds June 2 through his own Avalanche Inc. imprint and on our shores June 24. If that's just too long of a wait, you can catch a stream of the mini-set's "Ringer" right now.

Though starting off with the searing sounds of unstructured white noise, the song quickly locks into a punishing detuned groove. The elastic guitar lines batter the brain, but Broadrick's ambient washes of moaned-out vocals act as a temporary salve. At least, that is, until the double-kick drum programming burrows into your eardrums. Like a phoenix rising, you can check out the flat-out devastating return of Godflesh down below.

As previously reported, a full-length from the Birmingham duo called A World Lit Only By Fire is expected to follow up the Decline & Fall EP sometime this fall.