Goatwhore Vengeful Ascension

Goatwhore  Vengeful Ascension
For a band that tours and records as relentlessly as they do, it's astounding that Goatwhore are still able to create new music that surpasses their previous work. The band's seventh and latest album, Vengeful Ascension, is a diverse and well-crafted offering that show the band are now a more cohesive unit than ever before.
Though Goatwhore have dabbled in a number of sub-genres in the past, Vengeful Ascension finds the band leaning more towards their death metal influences, with more distinct elements of the genre coming to fruition in their sound. Tracks such as "Abandon Indoctrination" or "Chaos Arcane" are full-bore assaults that pummel the listener with vicious drums and chaotic guitar work. Frontman Ben Falgoust also demonstrates a much more pronounced guttural vocal style than before.
Despite embracing their death metal side on the album, this is the most melodic Goatwhore album to date. The song "Mankind Will Have No Mercy" has a similar vibe to Heartwork-era Carcass, with galloping, melodic riffs complemented by rapid-fire kick drums. The album differs from most death metal in that it doesn't rely on the low end of the band's sound, opting instead to use it sparingly to boost their already crushingly heavy tone.
Goatwhore are constantly evolving and refining their sound, and their new album is a fine example of that paying off. Each member of the group has vastly improved their individual skills, which in turn has made them better collectively. Vengeful Ascension is one of the band's strongest offerings to date, and will surely hold up amongst their increasingly sizeable discography. (Metal Blade)