Ghettosocks "The Life Aquatic" (video)

Ghettosocks 'The Life Aquatic' (video)
We recently heard Toronto-based hip-hop artist Ghettosocks jump on Pineo & Loeb's remix of July Talk's "Push + Pull," but now the rapper is ready to reveal some new material of his own. He's just dropped a video for the Bix-produced "The Life Aquatic," and Exclaim! has your exclusive first look at it.
As you may have guessed from the title, it plays with ideas and imagery from Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic film, starring Socks in a Steve Zissou get-up as he roams the open water in a boat, gets lost in the woods and paints a poutine-inspired art piece in an empty warehouse.
The clip was shot on location in and around Melbourne, Australia, last year by director Andrew Hardy and assisted by Jesse Hisco and Raphael Recht, and you can finally see the finished product in the player below.