Georgia Harmer Announces Debut Album 'Stay in Touch,' Shares New Song

"All in My Mind" comes attached to a self-directed video

BY Kaelen BellPublished Feb 15, 2022

Toronto's Georgia Harmer has announced her debut album Stay in Touch, which is arriving April 22 on Arts & Crafts. Alongside the announcement, she's also shared the self-directed video for the record's first single "All in My Mind."

In a statement about "All in My Mind," Harmer said the song is about "being gaslighted. I wrote it during a long period of emotional manipulation that made me question my own reality. I had enough sad songs and I just wanted to rock out."

The song itself is a taut rocker that features Harmer's smooth-as-stone vocals over some chugging guitar. About the video, directed and edited by Harmer, she said: 

I wanted to lean into the melodrama of the subject. Something bigger than a person needed to be the source of my paranoia. The house and the lights are what ultimately drive me to run away, but it's the boys in the basement who were messing with my head all along. This is the first song I wrote for my album, and begins a long journey of self-growth through my deep entanglements with the feelings of others.

Last month, Harmer shared "Austin," which also appears on Stay in Touch alongside 2021 single "Headrush." The record is described as a whirlwind of sounds, touching on "everything from intimate folk and strummy country to sophisticated jazz and pop-kissed rock."

Check out the video for "All in My Mind," plus the Stay in Touch tracklist, below.

Stay in Touch:

1. Talamanca 
2. Headrush 
3. Know You Forever 
4. Austin 
5. All in My Mind 
6. Be Here 
7. Homes 
8. Top Down 
9. Go Soft 
10. Strongest Person 
11. Just the Feeling

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