Get a "Headrush" with Georgia Harmer's Debut Single

The track from Sarah Harmer's niece arrives alongside a dance-filled video
Get a 'Headrush' with Georgia Harmer's Debut Single
At nineteen, Georgia Harmer landed a coveted spot as a backup singer for Alessia Cara's European tour. This rigorous initiation into the music world primed the Toronto singer-songwriter to begin carving out her own space on the scene — she kicks it off with her first track and video, "Headrush," released via Arts & Crafts.

Layered vocals follow playful drumroll and distorted electric guitar as Harmer makes her assured debut. Her mesmerizing voice carries hints of Joni Mitchell, but her emotional candour brings Adrianne Lenker to mind. The influence of the artist's aunt and labelmate, Sarah Harmer, is evident through the single's poetic lyrics.

The "Headrush" video makes good on its title, as the camera chases Harmer down a wooded path and spins in circles alongside her — It's dizzying but beautiful. A group of girls joins Harmer, all dressed in Boho clothing, dancing and jumping through the air. These final shots evoke the most sun-drenched, beautiful images of A24's Midsommar, but without any human sacrifices (don't worry).

Watch the video for "Headrush" below.