Genius Outside Guide: Cannabis Accessory Kits for Your Summer Adventures

Genius Outside Guide: Cannabis Accessory Kits for Your Summer Adventures

This summer, it's even more important than usual to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Be sure to pack a mask, some drinks and snacks, and — of course — your Genius Pipe products. Genius Pipe sets a new standard for the cannabis industry, its filtering micro-vortex technology acting like bong to offer a cooler, smooth draw.

Genius has all the summer essentials you need for your next adventure, so be sure to get yours before you head out to enjoy nature in the coming months.

Genius Survival Kit

Looking for the ultimate on-the-go cannabis experience? The Genius Survival Kit has everything you need. It's fits all your summer must-haves into a backpack that's both smell- and water-resistant, making it perfect for hiking, camping or whatever fun comes your way. It includes a Genius Backpack, Silver Genius Pipe, Black EVOLUTION Slider, 12-pack of Genius TruTaste Screens, Genius G-Stone, Genius Party Bowl, two-pack of Genius Sponges, Genius Fresh and Genius Cleaner.
Price: $225

Genius Essentials Kit

The Genius Essentials Kit is the perfect starter pack for the discerning cannabis consumer. The Genius Pipe includes a lifetime warranty, and it comes with some great accessories to take your experience to the next level. This kit contains a Genius Pipe, V-Syndicate Slider, Carrying Case, G-Stone, two-pack of TruTaste Screens and two-pack of Genius Sponges.
Price: $150

Genius Travel Kit

Hitting the road? When packing all the supplies you need, be sure not to forget your Genius Travel Kit. It's got travel-sized cannabis accessories for an efficient and convenient experience. Thanks to the InSight Pouch, your cannabis aromas won't escape, and you can rest assured that your cannabis will remain discreet from your travel companions. It includes a Genius Mini Black Pipe, GeniusWear InSight Pouch and Kannaster Grinder.
Price: $120

Genius Adventure Kit

Your next adventure just got even more exciting. The Genius Adventure Kit is smell-proof and water-proof, and it even has reflective strips to keep you safe. It can convert to a bag or pouch, making it the all-in-one kit to complement your summer adventures. It includes a Genius Classic Pipe of your choice, GeniusWear Backpack and Kannaster Grinder.
Price: $170

Genius Accessory Kit

If you already have a Genius Pipe and now you're looking for all the accessories you need to keep it in tip-top shape, the Genius Accessory Kit has you sorted. It includes a G-tone and a 12-pack of TrueTaste Screens, and it all comes in a Genius InSight Pouch.
Price: $44.95