GAYNGS Affiliyated Remix EP

GAYNGS <i>Affiliyated</i> Remix EP
Well, here's an interesting remix project. Sax-loving soft rock revivalists GAYNGS are coming off the success of last year's Relayted with new remix EP Affiliyated, in which the band took a chopped-up approach called "regrind." The process saw the producers involved -- all from the hip-hop crew Doomtree -- being handed ten random stems from the album and told to build a new song out of them.

It's a baffling concept, so we'll let the band describe it in their words:

To create the GAYNGS' Regrind EP all of the stems from the bands debut album, Relayted, were arbitrarily named and compiled into a list... [A] collection of producers and musicians... were then instructed to choose only 10, without knowing what songs they came from or what instruments they contained. One could choose anything from four sax solos and six bass lines, to eight keyboards and two background vocals. The combinations that could be chosen were indefinite... the only certainty was that the parts would all be set to the tempo of 69 beats per minute.

From there, the re-grinders were free to chop, pitch-shift, and otherwise pulverize the stems into a new, cohesive song. The only rule was that they must use all 10 stems they were given, and that the tempo must remain at GAYNGS' standard 69 bpm.

The tracklist is below and you can download the EP here, courtesy of the folks at Strereogum.


1. "Fight, Fuck, Fall Asleep" (Sims:vox Cecil Otter: regrind)
2. "Coercion Van" (MK Larada: regrind)
3. "Cologne & Water" (Paper Tiger: regrind)
4. "Draper Drunk" (Mike Mictlan: vox, The Chocolate Ox: keys, Plain ole Bill: regrind)
5. "No Scrubs" (P.O.S: vox, regrind)
6. "Sprinkle Juice" (Lazerbeak: regrind)
7. "Sand in the Lotion" (Cecil Otter: regrind)