Gayngs Sue Bus Company over Rental Fiasco

Gayngs Sue Bus Company over Rental Fiasco
Earlier this month soft rockers Gayngs were forced to cancel an appearance at the Austin City Limits music festival after discovering that their tour bus had been hijacked by a rental company over payment issues. Feeling that the situation was unjust, the group have now filed a lawsuit against CJ Star Buses for "tortious conduct and a breach of contract," and intend to collect damages.

This all started October 9 when CJ Star Buses owner CJ Curtsinger insisted that he be paid for a number of days he reportedly incorrectly billed the band for. A report from City Pages [via The Daily Swarm] explains that while Gayngs had put a down payment towards the vehicle and were in possession of the bus, they had never signed a contract due to Curtsinger’s alleged paperwork mix-up.

The report explains: “According to the lawsuit filed by Gayngs, the initial contract drafted by CJ Star Buses tacked on an additional seven days of bus rental, which at $350 per day jacked up the cost of their tour bus by almost $2,500. Tour manager Nate Vernon tried several times to get Curtsinger to fix the contract and provide them with an accurate invoice, but Curtsinger failed to do so — hence, Gayngs did not sign it.”

The group were set to return the bus on October 12, but Curtsinger expected payment until October 19. While tour manager Nate Vernon attempted to rectify the situation, the vehicle owner had its driver commandeer the vehicle back to Nashville, TN following the band’s gig at Emo’s in Austin, TX. Post-show the band noticed their bus was missing and believed it to be stolen before receiving a voice message from Curtsinger.

According to the lawsuit, that message said, “Buddy, I'm taking possession of my bus. I told Radar to go ahead and bring the coach back to Nashville. [Inaudible] and I'm tired of being jacked around. You can find somebody new to jack off. Your bus is on its way back to Nashville. Call me tomorrow so you can wire me my money or you can come on to Nashville and pick up your shit, whichever you want. See ya. Have a great day.”

Upon the bus’s return, Curtsinger claimed that the band trashed the vehicle. In the meantime, the lawsuit explains that missing the band’s next gig was a crucial blow to Gayngs.

“To be deprived of our biggest performance, at the culmination of a nationwide tour was emotionally devastating," reads a statement from the band. "The band was left with no choice but to pursue legal action to recover all damages and to ensure this kind of conduct does not affect other artists in the future."