Fresh & Onlys' Tim Cohen Preps New LP and EP for Captured Tracks

Fresh & Onlys' Tim Cohen Preps New LP and EP for Captured Tracks
If anyone is handing out prolific-songwriter awards, they may want to contact Tim Cohen. In addition to dropping a flurry of singles, EPs and albums with his band the Fresh & Onlys, he has been building up an impressive catalogue of solo releases. This month, the tireless Cohen will keep his streak going via an EP and LP, both of which will be handled by Captured Tracks.

The LP is called Magic Trick and it's due out February 22. According to a press release, it "traverses a wide range of conflicting moods while somehow always reenforcing his songs with messages of hope and positivity." It was recorded at home between breaks from touring and contains more of the "upbeat melancholy that has defined his solo work to this point."

This doesn't mean that the album will sound identical to his past releases, however, since it reportedly "[takes] long musical strides... in terms of arrangement, recording, and overall risk-taking." And if you were wondering when the best time to listen to the album is, here's your answer: "Magic Trick is a record for all seasons, and should be listened to in the earliest morning."

In addition to the 12-track LP, Cohen will release an eight-song EP on the same day. Entitled Bad Blood, it will come out on double seven-inch vinyl. The tracks were recorded during the same period as Magic Trick. The the tracklists for both releases below.

Magic Trick:

1. "I Am Never Going to Die"
2. "New House in Heaven"
3. "The Flower"
4. "Don't Give Up"
5. "Legerdemain"
6. "Sweetheart"
7. "Season of Fires"
8. "Hey Little One"
9. "The Spirit's Inside"
10. "Top on Tight"
11. "Tunnel of Love"
12. "I Looked Up"

Bad Blood:

1. "Delicate Creatures"
2. "Fight for the One That You Love"
3. "Pyramid Scheme"
4. "Bad Blood"
5. "Rock Bottom"
6. "Purpose in Life"
7. "I and I Will Be"
8. "Doctor, Doctor"