Fresh & Onlys' Tim Cohen Preps New Solo Album

Fresh & Onlys' Tim Cohen Preps New Solo Album
With the Fresh & Onlys, wildly prolific songwriter Tim Cohen leads his group through some of the most interesting psych and garage pop around. In their brief existence, the quintet have managed to drop a handful albums and a slew of singles. Incredibly, Cohen doesn't stop there. This month will see the release of his second solo album.

The record is called Laugh Tracks, and follows Cohen's stellar 2009 effort The Two Sides of Tim Cohen. While the Two Sides was "a fresh dose of pure outsider pop with drum machines and keyboards," a press release calls Laugh Tracks "a more fleshed out full-bodied approach, complete with horn arrangements."

Laugh Tracks will be released by Captured Tracks on June 15. No samples of the album are currently available online, but four Cohen songs from his previous solo joint can be streamed on his MySpace page.

Laugh Tracks:

1. "Oh, Oh, Oh"

2. "Wonderful Life"

3. "A Mind of Their Own"

4. "Laughter"

5. "Deep Blue Sea"

6. "I Lifted My Arms"

7. "That's My Baby"

8. "Send No Sign"

9. "Mines The One"

10. "Pray For Me"

11. "Small Things Matter"