Four Tet Details 'FabricLive' Mix

Four Tet Details 'FabricLive' Mix
Last month, we reported that shape-shifting electronic producer Four Tet would unveil some new material on his upcoming contribution to the FabricLive series. Now, details for the release have emerged.

The unreleased Four Tet in question is a song called "Fabric," which appears alongside the also unreleased Four Tet remix of Crazy Bald Heads' "First Born" (the original track can be streamed below). The mix also includes tracks from Manitoba (aka Caribou), David Borden, Burial, Ricardo Villalobos, C++ and many others.

The tracklisting for FabricLive 59 is available below and that's the amazing album cover above. The release will be available on September 19 via Fabric, with a pre-order available now right here.

FabricLive 59:

1. "Intro"

2. Michael Redolfi "Immersion Partielle"

3. Crazy Bald Heads "First Born"

4. Persian "Feel Da Vibe"

5. KH "101112"

6. Youngstar (Musical Mob) "Pulse X"

7. Crazy Bald Heads "First Born" (Four Tet remix)

8. Floating Points "Sais" (dub)

9. Apple "Mr Bean"

10. Manitoba "Webers"

11. Big Bird "Flav" (Urban Myths remix)

12. Genius "Waiting"

13. Four Tet "Fabric"

14. David Borden "The Continuing Story of Counterpoint Part Nine"

15. STL "Dark Energy"

16. Percussions "Percussions One"

17. C++ "Angie's Fucked"

18. Burial "Street Halo"

19. KMA "Cape Fear"

20. WK7 "Higher Power"

21. Ricardo Villalobos "Sieso"

22. Four Tet "Pyramid"

23. Red Rack 'em "How I Program"

24. Active Minds "Hobson's Choice (Tune For Da Man Dem)"

25. Armando Gallop & Steve Poindexter "Blackholes"

26. "Outro"

27. Four Tet "Locked"