Fembots Mucho Cuidado

Translated as "be very careful” in Spanish, Mucho Cuidado presents an eerie feeling that you really need to be when listening to this record. Originally released back in 2001 and recorded between 1997 and 1999, the FemBots debut album is a compulsory precursor to last year’s critically adored, Small Town Murder Scene. Working on intense, schizophrenic adrenaline, the duo of Brian Poirier and Dave MacKinnon created an atmosphere that is uneasy and mysterious, yet thrilling and spine-tingling to the point where you haven’t a clue what to expect next. In fact, they really do throw a quandary into their music, making it immensely difficult to categorise and fathom whatsoever. At times, it feels like a post-apocalyptic, alt-country wasteland, only to transform into a paranoid, experimental rock frenzy complete with Daleks and everything. Never short on surprises and random noise bursts with, yes, announcements from robots and Goon Ramerez, FemBots have (re-)released an album that is as much 2004 as it was 2000. (Paper Bag)