Fembots Calling Out

The Toronto duo’s follow-up to their excellent 2005 offering, The City, shows them unveiling another ingeniously crafted record. Calling Out features engaging music that sways like off-kilter 21st century gospel songs. Many of the disc’s rhythm tracks make use of "junkstruments,” musical instruments made out of garbage by artist Iner Souster, giving Calling Out a distinctive rumble. Opening song "Good Days” launches a salvo at religious fundamentalists of all stripes, exhorting a more positive outlook on life. "Can I Be Your Mirror?” has a sinister hypnotic groove that invokes Morphine and Nick Cave having a fine night out on the town, while "Chair in the Window of No. 5 Kingsway” drives forward with dance floor shaking force. Musical contributions from the likes of Winnipeg’s Christine Fellows and the Minotaurs’ Nathan Lawr also add further layers to the record’s rich tapestry. Calling Out adds another compelling chapter to the FemBots’ novel sound. (Weewerk)