Fat Wreck Chords Reveals New 'Fat Music' Comp

Fat Wreck Chords Reveals New 'Fat Music' Comp
In light of its 25th anniversary plans, Fat Wreck Chords has announced another punfully titled entry into its Fat Music series. The next compilation is called Fat Music Vol. 8: Going Nowhere Fat, and it will include a mix of previously released tunes and rarities from the likes of NOFX, Strung Out and Lagwagon.

The comp will arrive on CD and digitally on August 7, with a vinyl release to follow on September 18. This is the first Fat Music volume in five years, following 2010's Harder, Fatter + Louder entry.

Making up for lost time, Fat Wreck Chords has loaded the upcoming release with 25 songs, filling it with highlights from semi-recent catalogue entries from Lagwagon, Good Riddance, Strung Out, the Flatliners, CJ Ramone, toyGuitar, Swingin' Utters Darius Koski, the Real McKenzies, Snuff, Mad Caddies, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and more. Fat Mike also included a number from his Home Street Home musical.

As for the exclusive goods, NOFX contributes a demo of their "SF Clits," while other previously unreleased tunes were contributed by Swingin' Utters, Pears, Night Birds, Leftover Crack and Western Addiction.

You'll find the full tracklisting down below.

As previously reported, 2015 marks Fat Wreck Chords' 25th anniversary. The long-running punk rock label is celebrating this milestone with a North American package tour that includes NOFX, Lagwagon, Swingin' Utters, Flatliners, Masked Intruder toyGuitar and more. The trek hits Toronto's Echo Beach on August 6, while a bunch of Fat bands will also play Heavy Montreal between August 7 to 9. You'll find the rest of trip details here.

Fat Music Vol. 8: Going Nowhere Fat:

1. Banner Pilot - "Modern Shakes"
2. Masked Intruder - "The Most Beautiful Girl"
3. Lagwagon - "The Cog in the Machine"
4. Pears - "Snowflake" *
5. Mad Caddies - "Shoot Out the Lights"
6. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - "Straight Up"
7. toyGuitar - "When It Was Over"
8. Get Dead - "Welcome To Hell"
9. CJ Ramone - "One More Chance"
10. Good Riddance - "Running on Fumes"
11. Night Birds - "Left in the Middle" *
12. Less Than Jake - "Good Enough"
13. Strung Out - "Rats in the Walls"
14. The Flatliners - "Bury Me"
15. Darius Koski - "Fond Of, Lost To"
16. Leftover Crack - "The Lie of Luck" *
17. Bad Cop/Bad Cop - "Nightmare"
18. Old Man Markley - "Stupid Today"
19. Morning Glory - "Life's a Long Revenge"
20. NOFX - "SF Clits" (Demo Version) *
21. Snuff - "In the Stocks"
22. Swingin' Utters - "Taking on the Stale Green Light" *
23. Western Addiction - "Ex-Humans" *
24. The Real McKenzies - "Up on a Motorbike"
25. Home Street Home - "Monsters"

* previously unreleased