Exclaim! Magazine Launches Free Home Delivery

Get our next issue delivered right to your door
Exclaim! Magazine Launches Free Home Delivery
Illustration: Ben O'Neil (www.benoneil.com)
Self-isolation doesn't mean you need to be without your copy of Exclaim! Magazine. Due to the ongoing lockdown, we are offering free home delivery for physical copies of our magazine across Canada, meaning you can stay home, stay safe and stay with Exclaim!

We know that you might not be able to pick up a copy of Exclaim! at your favourite bar, venue or record store right now. But since many of us are craving a little time away from our screens, our newly launched home delivery program means that you can curl up with a copy of our magazine — totally free of charge.

If you want Exclaim! delivered right to your door, click here so we can set you up for the next edition. We'll be in touch soon!

Our home delivery is available to Canadian residents only. But no matter where you are, Exclaim! is still offering breaking news, reviews, in-depth features and more here at Exclaim.ca, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!