"Brown and Blue" (video)

BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 2, 2015

Together, Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh and Julie Fader make up the duo Etiquette. Their album Reminisce is due out on March 24 via Hand Drawn Dracula, and for now, they've teamed with the Scion Sessions to roll out a video for the track "Brown and Blue."

This tune centres on stunningly gorgeous synths, with set a blissful hazy blur for the mid-tempo groove, funk-lite guitar licks and Fader's swooning sighs.

The accompanying video adds to the dreamy atmosphere with its fast-moving animated collage of geometric shapes and retro-futurist drawings. It's a bit disorienting, and that's the whole appeal.

Director Christopher Mills said in a statement, "When a lonely alchemist from a parallel universe begins experimenting with the abstract, new worlds can open up. Our camera floats hypnotically around his breezy, dilapidated laboratory, at times guided by the ghosts and memories of his past experiments — pushed, it seems, by Etiquette's steady, pace, lush production, vocals, and cryptic lyrics."

Watch it below.

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