Este Haim Threw Karaoke Parties for the Cast of 'The White Lotus'

Photo: Stephen McGill

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Feb 27, 2023

It's not a secret that the cast of Season 2 of The White Lotus had loads of fun while filming. Contributing to the never-ending, series-making ad-libs and inside jokes was Este Haim, who apparently threw karaoke parties for the cast while working on set as a music consultant. 

The eldest HAIM sister ended up on the HBO show's set in Taormina, Italy, after her best friend and executive producer of the show Dave Bernad invited her over while she healed from a rough breakup. Haim ended up with an impromptu role as a music consultant on the show by coaching actors Beatrice Grannò (who plays Mia) and Federico Scribani (who plays Giuseppe) on their performances.

"I was coaching [Grannò] and Giuseppe in their performance, helping with arrangements and giving them the confidence and tips and tricks to give the best performances they possibly could," she said [via W]. After Haim's week-long vacation was meant to end, she stuck around for another month to help out with the show's musical end — both on and off screen — as she planned karaoke nights for the cast. 

"At the beginning of this journey for me, I was just a friend of a friend who happened to be on set, so I wasn't necessarily thinking, is this the most professional thing for me to be throwing parties? But it was a nice way to blow off steam after a day of working," Haim explained.

She continued: 

We'd go to that bar in the hotel, and I would plug in my computer and DJ to the wee hours of the night. There was a screen and a projector, and we would karaoke. Then there were nights where we'd just sit around the piano and drink and sing songs. We were all staying in the hotel that we were making the show in, so everyone got really, really close. It was hard not to fall in love with everyone, because we were having such a good time and everyone got along so well.

What's more is that Haim is also very good friends with fellow musician Kesha, who joined her in her Italian escapades. All of this pulls at the heartstrings of the Exclaim! staff, as we've been known to engage in a karaoke party or two of our own.

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