Aubrey Plaza Improvised Her 'Ted Lasso' Diss on 'The White Lotus'

Just like her character, she doesn't watch the Jason Sudeikis soccer comedy

Photo courtesy of HBO

BY Alex HudsonPublished Nov 28, 2022

Earlier this season, The White Lotus included a passing jab at Ted Lasso, as Aubrey Plaza's wet-blanket character Harper bluntly says, "I don't watch Ted Lasso." Now, the real-life Plaza has revealed that she improvised that line, because she actually doesn't watch Jason Sudeikis's soccer comedy.

This tidbit came out in Plaza's new GQ profile. She revealed that the line was improvised, and added, "No offence to Ted Lasso. Whatever's super popular, I'm always like, 'no.' I have an aversion to things that everybody else is doing."

It's a pretty good line, but Plaza should give Ted Lasso a try! It's sweet and fun, even if you don't like soccer!

The White Lotus's second season is currently airing weekly (and a third season has already been confirmed). Read Exclaim!'s review of the second season here.

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