Eskimeaux "Broken Necks" (video)

Eskimeaux 'Broken Necks' (video)
Brooklyn-based musician Gabrielle Smith has her fingerprints on a number of projects at the moment — from playing in Frankie Cosmos to running the Epoch artist collective to releasing music under her experimental moniker Eskimeaux. The latter has recently heard Smith move from ambient noise to more structured indie-pop, and she's just unveiled a video for Eskimeaux track "Broken Necks."
The infectiously catchy tune comes from her latest album O.K. and gets matched with visuals that open with Smith cruising around on a motorcycle before switching to a quirky, colourful ode to sugar cereal, books and stuffed animals. It all wraps up at sunset on a picturesque beach.
O.K. is out now, while Eskimeaux's 2011 record Two Mountains is set to be reissued on October 23 via Yellow K Records. Watch the video for "Broken Necks" below.