Erasure "Dead of Night" (video)

Erasure 'Dead of Night' (video)
Karloff, Lugosi, Chaney — horror legends all and masters of their craft. But what's their stance on British synth-pop veterans Erasure recent genre triumph, The Violet Flame? Judging by a classic monster movie-compiling clip for the album's "Dead of Night," they think it's a scream.

As you'll see down below, all sorts of demons and ghouls are getting down with Vince Clarke and Andy Bell's latest, whether that be Dracula or his close relative Nosferatu, the Mummy, a wolfman, a coven of witches or any other supernatural synth-pop fan.

Bell said of the movie-saluting visuals, "A most classic horror hallowe'en video using clips from the old masters. Some of the best scenes from the genre, they are all in here."

Though rife with the kinds of bubbling keyboards and powerful vocals we're used to hearing from Erasure, there is a bit of eeriness to the nocturnally minded number. All said, the four-on-the-floor rhythm assures no one will be getting rigor mortis on the dancefloor.