Eminem's Relapse 2 Due out in November?

Eminem's <i>Relapse 2</i> Due out in November?
After years of anticipation, Eminem finally released his anticipated Relapse album. Unfortunately, it was hit and miss, according to some accounts. However, there's a chance, of course, that all of the good material was edited out of the final record, which is why the announcement that Relapse 2 will be out this year might be good news.

In the lead-up to Relapse, Em said that the record's sequel would also be out in 2009. Of course, now that 2009 is almost over, it's hard to believe that'll happen. Nonetheless, Nah Right [via Prefixmag] point to a photo of the record's cover that shows a release date of November 17.

To add to this theory, Amazon UK is also listing the record with a November 16 release date. And since British albums come out on Mondays, it makes sense for Relapse 2 to have a November 17 release date.

Now let's just hope it doesn't suck.