Eluvium Announces 'False Readings On' LP, Shares New Track

Eluvium Announces 'False Readings On' LP, Shares New Track
Eluvium's last offering arrived as the 2013 double album, Nightmare Ending, but the Matthew Cooper-helmed ambient project is now ready to follow that up with another brand new record.
False Readings On is due out on September 2 via Temporary Residence Ltd.
According to a press release, the upcoming album was initially inspired by "themes of cognitive dissonance in modern society." Throughout the recording process, though, Cooper found the music serving as a mirror instead of a magnifying glass, reflecting his own self-doubt and anxiety.
The first single from the record arrives as "Fugue State," exploring the feeling of distance and separation from oneself — another of the album's recurring themes.
The album artwork for False Readings On is pictured up above, while the full tracklisting can be found down below. Beyond the song titles, hit play to hear "Fugue State."
False Readings On:
1. Strangeworks
2. Fugue State
3. Drowning Tone
4. Regenerative Being
5. Washer Logistics
6. Movie Night Revisited
7. Beyond The Moon For Someone In Reverse
8. False Readings On
9. Rorschach Pavan
10. Individuation
11. Posturing Through Metaphysical Collapse