Ejecta "Silver" (NSFW video)

Ejecta 'Silver' (NSFW video)
Ejecta, the wonderful synth-pop collaboration between frontwoman Leanne Macomber and Joel Ford (also of Ford & Lopatin) , quietly released their fantastic Dominae album late last year. The under-appreciated release has inspired a handful of music videos, most recently with the clip for "Silver."

Like all of the group's videos thus far, the video for "Silver" sees Macomber without any clothing for half of the clip. The shots are tasteful, to be sure, but they probably won't fly if your boss is lurking around the office.

Either way, the song is one of many stand-outs from the LP, and goes down smooth with the sunny, warm cinematography from director Emir Eralp.

Watch the video for "Silver" below and enjoy Ejecta while you still can — the group are currently facing a lawsuit and will likely be forced to change their name due to an overzealous DJ named Ejeca.

Thanks to Gorilla vs. Bear for the tip.