Ejecta "Eleanour Lye" (NSFW video)

Ejecta 'Eleanour Lye' (NSFW video)
Late last year, Joel Ford (of Ford & Lopatin) teamed up with Leanne Macomber as Ejecta and the pair released the excellent, underrated Dominae. The album has produced many great singles, the most recent of which, "Eleanour Lye," has been treated to a video.

Macomber is nude for the entire video, meaning you probably shouldn't watch this at your desk if your boss is around. Nonetheless, the BANGS-directed clip pairs the gentle synth pop song with interpretive visuals that represent Macomber's rebirth.

Watch the NSFW video for "Eleanour Lye" below courtesy of Gorilla vs. Bear.