Dum Dum Girls "Rimbaud Eyes" (video)

Dum Dum Girls 'Rimbaud Eyes' (video)
Following last month's Bret Easton Ellis-assisted short film for "Are You Okay," Dum Dum Girls are now offering up a dreamy, animated set of visuals behind another Too True track, "Rimbaud Eyes."

Directed by Tamryn, the clip first plays out as a performance video washing Dee Dee and the rest of the Dum Dum's in soft pastels, though midway through the real-life musicians evolve into animated counterparts. On top of seeing the altered outfit perform the wavy dream-pop cut on a platform or walking through imagined cityscapes, the frame is occasionally flooded with calming ink blot patterns and Bond girl silhouettes.

You'll find the melted textures of "Rimbaud Eyes" down below.