Drake Loses $1 Million World Cup Bet on Winning Team

100(0000) to 0, real quick

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Dec 19, 2022

Bet. Drake took it to heart: the rapper and known sports fan lost $1 million he wagered on the outcome of the FIFA World Cup final match between Argentina and France, which took place in Qatar yesterday (December 18), despite betting on the winning team.

As per Variety, Drake showed in an Instagram screenshot that he bet in a 1x2 market, which discounts extra time and determines its result after the standard 90 minutes of gameplay. Argentina ended up winning 4–2 in a penalty shootout, but the score had still been tied at a nail-biting 2–2 at the end of the second half. Even after entering overtime, the score was tied 3–3 as the teams entered the shootout. That time must have passed agonizingly slow for the rapper, watching as he narrowly missed out on $2.75 million and another diamond engagement ring necklace. Oh, the humanity!

Congrats to Argentina on winning anyway, even if it was too late when Drake was reading this. It's also potentially proof in the long-fabled "Drake curse" — that Drizzy jinxes whomever he bets on — is just a silly internet ruse. However, the musician did recently lose a $1.5-million bet on a UFC middleweight fight between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira, so that's one type of flush he won't be making on his infamous luxury potties, as recently gifted to DJ Khaled for his birthday.

But Drake did succeed in dominating Canada's Spotify Wrapped stats in 2022. Alongside Beyoncé, he also led a dance music renaissance — his just wasn't a victory dance.

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