Drake Is Executive Producing a Documentary on Black Hockey Players

'Black Ice' will explore "the history, influence and racialized journey of Black hockey players" and systemic racism in the game

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jul 29, 2021

Long before the courtside seats and NBA championship parades, Drake was lacing up his skates to play minor hockey in Toronto and performing at the NHL All-Star Game. Now, he'll come back to the sport through executive producing a documentary on Black hockey players.

The newly announced Black Ice will explore "the history, influence and racialized journey of Black hockey players," as well as the systemic racism that players have experienced at all levels of competition. Production and principal photography on the film are currently underway.

A press release notes that Black Ice will examine "the creation of The Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes to the modern-day NHL, highlighting [Black players'] often overlooked and marginalized contributions to the game...[elevating] these individuals who passionately followed a dream to play a sport that continues to be plagued by racial inequity and their collective aspirations to change a sport's culture."

Black Ice will be directed by Canadian filmmmaker Hubert Davis (Hardwood, Giants of Africa). In partnership with Uninterrupted Canada, Drake and Adele "Future" Nur will executive produce via their DreamCrew Entertainment, while LeBron James and Maverick Carter will also executive produce through their SpringHill Company.

"I was not only surprised but inspired to learn about the stories of the often overlooked and unheralded black pioneers of hockey," Davis said in a statement. "I think it is more important than ever before for all generations, particularly young people of colour, to understand and see the diverse faces who have contributed and shaped one the essential fabrics of our country."

While it has yet to receive a release date, Black Ice will premiere in Canada on TSN, Crave and CTV, while Elevation Pictures will oversee theatrical distribution in the country.

Drake previously spoke about his own playing career with ESPN's The Life way back in 2010:

The Life: Did you play hockey growing up?

Drake: Yeah, I did. I played for the Weston Red Wings.

The Life: Were you pretty good? What position did you play first of all?

Drake: Right wing.

The Life: A fast little guy?

Drake: Yeah, I was all right. I ended up making it to Upper Canada College hockey camp, which is where good kids get sent.

The Life: And then what happened?

Drake: And then I got cross checked in the neck and my mother wouldn't let me play anymore.

The Life: And then you went into acting and played a guy that ended up in a wheelchair, so it was bound to happen eventually.

Drake: There you go, in a wheelchair one way or the other.

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