Drake Is Building a Ridiculous Mansion in Toronto

Drake Is Building a Ridiculous Mansion in Toronto
For someone who never shuts up about his love of the 6ix, we've always secretly resented the fact that Drake spends so much of his time at his big-pooled mansion in Los Angeles. Fortunately, he'll soon have some more Canadian VIEWS, as details have emerged about the rapper's forthcoming mansion.

The Globe & Mail has uncovered details of a proposed new home in Toronto's Bridle Path neighbourhood, and the specs are absolutely ridiculous. 

The mansion will take up an impressive 21,000 square feet, and Drake's going to need some zoning bylaw exemptions if he's going to pull off all of the stuff he wants to build.

The Globe reports that the home will include a basketball court, a gym, a pool and hot tub in front of a giant TV screen, a bar with special chambers for chilled wine and (for Champagne Papi) chilled champagne, a music and screening room, and a spa and tub retreat complete with a massage room.

The mansion will also include a special museum built for basketball jerseys, a room for "important artifacts," a piano room, an in-house pool in the basement and a rooftop terrace with a hot tub.

Who knows, maybe he'll open it up for some roommates too. After all, the mansion will have five bedrooms, each of which will have its own ensuite bathroom. But don't expect to knock on his front door and ask for a glass of water — assuming he's approved for zoning, Drizzy's also building a 34-metre driveway. 

Drake's ridiculous home is being built by Ferris Refauli — the architectural designer who also pieced together his upscale party space in Air Canada Centre.

It's all being built on a property that cost Drake $6.7 million CAD. It all sounds extremely expensive, but keep in mind that if he's living in Toronto, Drake can easily pick up a few extra shifts at the OVO store on Dundas Street W.