Drake "Views from the 6"

Drake 'Views from the 6'
Photo: Kevin Jones
Earlier this year, Drake revealed that his next album would be called Views from the 6. Over the weekend, the album's title track leaked to the web.

It's unclear whether this is a song sketch or a final version, but it's certainly got all the signifiers of a Drake hit complete with midnight synths, busy drums and heavy bass. Drake's adopted a nasally flow as he seems to address his rumoured tryst with Rihanna. "Everyone says we look good on paper, you deserve that action / Plus you get more paper than I do, that shit attractive," he says.

The early version of the song also features some verses from Toronto battle rapper E Batt. Many have accused him of adding his own verse to the song before leaking it in a diabolical promotional scheme, but he insists that's not the case:

Either way, some version of "Views from the 6" can be streamed below. The album of the same name is expected to arrive in the spring of 2015.