The Weeknd and A$AP Rocky Hop on the Drake Diss Bandwagon

Both take jabs at the 6ix God with new tracks included on the expanded version of Future and Metro Boomin's new album, 'We Still Don't Trust You'

Photo (from left to right): Drake by the Come Up Show, A$AP Rocky by the Come Up Show, the Weeknd by Eddy Chen / HBO

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Apr 12, 2024

Drake really wasn't kidding when he said he had no friends in the industry. Today, Future and Metro Boomin released the expanded version of their collaborative album, last month's We Don't Trust You, and both the Weeknd — who said last year that he was done with features, like a liar — and A$AP Rocky hopped on different tracks to get in a few jabs at the Torontonian, following Kendrick Lamar's lead.

On "All to Myself," the artist born Abel Tesfaye takes aim at his once almost-label mate (he signed with Republic Records over OVO in 2012), crooning predominantly about Drake's homeboy, Baka Not Nice, and his clock app habit: "Could never diss my brothers, baby / When they got leaks in they operation / I thank God that I never signed my life away / And we never do the big talk / They shooters makin' TikToks / Got us laughin' in the Lambo."

A$AP Rocky, meanwhile, got back at the 6ix God (has he been demoted yet, or?) for the two digs Drake got in on him and Rihanna on 2023's For All the Dogs, referencing their relationship on both "Another Late Night" and "Fear of Heights." With "Show of Hands," A$AP pulls a Pusha T and brings Drake's baby mama Sophie Brussaux into the game, rapping, "N—s in they feelings over women / What, you hurt or something? / I smashed before you birthed son / Flacko hit it first, son."

So much Drake beef, so little time. To jog your memory, Lamar started it all a few weeks back when he guested on Future and Metro Boomin's "Like That" and took aim: "And your best work is a light pack / N—, Prince outlived Mike Jack' / N—, bum, 'fore all your dogs gettin' buried / That's a K with all these nines, he gon' see Pet Sematary."

Drake seemingly addressed the diss on stage and didn't appear too fazed by it. "I know that no matter what, there's not a n— on this Earth that could ever fuck with me in my life," he told the crowd at the Sunrise, FL, stop of his joint tour with J. Cole, who was also victim to Lamar's ire on the track.

We Still Don't Trust You now seems, by and large, to be Future, Metro Boomin co.'s direct message to Drake. Has he been schemin' on the low, or is everybody just tired of his bloated, lacklustre attempts to regain his former glory? (Not to mention his gross support for Tory Lanez.) Listen to "All to Myself" and "Show of Hands" below.

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