Dr. Dog Return with New Self-Titled Album, Their First in Six Years

You can check out lead single "Talk Is Cheap" today

Photo: Wyndham Garnett

BY Kaelen BellPublished Apr 24, 2024

The Dr. Dog is in. The Philly band are back with news of a new self-titled album, arriving July 19 — we also get lead single "Talk Is Cheap,"  which comes attached to a Wyndham Garnett-directed video featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the band captured during the album's recording sessions.

"Talk Is Cheap" is a love song written by bassist Toby Leaman. "It's a song about my wife and how much I rely on her, how she's always there for me," Leaman explained in a statement. "It's funny because I'm not a big love-song guy, but everything I wrote on this album is for her."

"Talk Is Cheap" follows last month's "Still Can't Believe," which also appears on the record. According to press materials, making Dr. Dog found the band adopting "an entirely new way of working together, embracing a multilayered process designed to foster an even deeper synergy among its five members." Dr. Dog also sees lead guitarist Scott McMicken taking the helm as producer for the first time, with mixing handled by Matt Ross-Spang.

"For this record there was an emphasis on creating something very soulful and live-feeling, which meant starting with all of us looking each other in the eye and connecting to the music," said McMicken. "The idea was, 'Let's be loose, let's not overthink.' The more you can let go of that fear of being imperfect, the more you open yourself up to deeper expression."

Check out the video for "Talk Is Cheap," plus the Dr. Dog tracklist, below.

Dr. Dog:

1. Authority
2. Lost Ones
3. Fat Dog
4. Talk Is Cheap
5. What a Night'll Do
6. Tell Your Friends
7. Still Can't Believe
8. Fine White Lies
9. White Dove
10. Handyman
11. Love Struck

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