D.O.A. Reveal Release Plans for 'To Hell and Back' Concert Film

D.O.A. Reveal Release Plans for 'To Hell and Back' Concert Film
While D.O.A.'s upcoming tour dates may call into question plans to issue a farewell tour-documenting DVD ahead of time, the project is going forth all the same. The band's To Hell and Back concert film is set to arrive on DVD March 11.

Plans have changed for the crowd-funded release since we first got wind of it, when the film was initially titled Fight to the End. A press release notes that the 90-minute film features "amazing punk rock footage" shot at four separate shows between 2011 and 2013 in BC and Alberta. One gig was the January 19 performance at Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre, which was also preserved for their recent Welcome to Chinatown live album.

In addition to live run-throughs of tracks like "Fucked Up Ronnie," "The Prisoner" and "World War Three," the To Hell and Back DVD also features in-studio footage of D.O.A. recording We Come in Peace. As an added bonus, the DVD package also contains a CD copy of the album.

While the release is just over a month away, D.O.A.'s PledgeMusic campaign behind the project is still running for another six days. If you want to float some cash to the punkers while nabbing yourself premiums like signed albums and T-shirts, or Joe Keithley's jean vest, you can head over here.

As previously reported, D.O.A. have their record release party for Welcome to Chinatown coming up at Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre on February 7. The band also have more U.S. and overseas dates, and you can check out the show info here.

They will also be reissuing their Bloodied but Unbowed comp on February 4.

To Hell and Back:

"Welcome To Chinatown" - June 2011 - Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver BC:

1. Police Brutality
2. 2 + 2
3. World War 3
4. General Strike
5. Race Riot
6. The Prisoner
7. Disco Sucks
8. Fucked Up Stephen

"Cowtown Chaos" - September 2011 - Palomino Club, Calgary AB:

1. Nazi Training Camp
2. That's Why I Am An Atheist
3. Human Bomb
4. Marijuana Motherfucker
5. Class War
6. Fuck You
7. The Prisoner

"Rocky Mountain High" - September 2011 - Canmore Hotel, Canmore AB:

1. Rebel Kind
2. Death Machine

"Return To Chinatown" - January 2013 - Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver BC:

1.We're Drivin' To Hell N' Back
2. Liar For Hire
3. I Live In A Car
4. America The Beautiful
5. Waiting For You
6. The Enemy
7. I Hate You
8. I'm Right You're Wrong
9. Woke Up Screaming
10. War
11. D.O.A.
12. Taking Care Of Business
13. Fucked Up Ronnie