Do Make Say Think 'Stubborn Persistent Illusions' (album stream)

Do Make Say Think 'Stubborn Persistent Illusions' (album stream)
Earlier this year, Do Make Say Think revealed plans for their first new album since 2009's Other Truths. Now, that wait is over and you can hear Stubborn Persistent Illusions right now.
The band previously detailed the loose narrative concept behind the new album, sharing a statement that reads:
There is a hint of narrative on this album which is both vague and deliberate. The idea comes from an image in a Buddhist poem about working with a wild mind. The idea is that each song is a thought or daydream, independent but at the same time connected to the other thoughts through subconscious feelings. And although the thoughts come and go, the feelings return over and over throughout our lives. The suggestion in the poem is that when your mental chatter carries you away you don't necessarily need to tie it down or shut it up; you can instead recognize thoughts as thoughts and let them play out. Eventually all concepts must return to perception, where they started.  We should probably say again that this narrative is admittedly a bit wooly around the edges — we don't pretend that every note has a special significance.
You can hear those Stubborn Persistent Illusions become a reality by giving the new LP an early listen down below. The official release date is set for Friday (May 19) via Constellation Records.

The band will also be participating in an AMA on Reddit's r/postrock forum this Thursday (May 18) at 5 p.m. EDT. Next month, they'll perform at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto on June 10, and you can find full details for that show over here.