Dinosaur Jr. Recall Farm Due to Album Being Too Loud

Dinosaur Jr. Recall <i>Farm</i> Due to Album Being Too Loud
As we all know, rock'n'roll is meant to be played loud. Sometimes though it can be, well, too loud, at least that's the case with the new Dinosaur Jr. album, Farm.

Apparently, there was some kind of mix-up when the European version of the record was mastered, causing the album to be way too ear-blistering for comfort. Via their website, Dinosaur Jr. explain: "Please note that on the European CD version of the Farm album there is an audio problem. This occurred while duplicating the original master in a duplication studio. The problem occurred when the duplicate was produced, as the software program used for this duplication 'doubled' the sound layers. This resulted in a 3dB increase in the overall sound volume."

As a result, the band are now letting fans exchange the incorrectly mixed version of the album for a new proper one, rather than offering up a pair of Dinosaur Jr. earplugs. "If you have bought a CD of Dinosaur Jr.'s Farm album in a European shop with the bar code number 5414939004926, and you would like to exchange it with a good version, please go to Media.pias.com/dinosaurjrfarmcd," explains the group.

We haven't heard this too-loud version of Farm, but apparently it sounds bad enough that the guys are even throwing a free ringtone of the Dinosaur Jr. track "Over It" because they feel so bad about the screw-up.

For more info on how to trade in your bad copy of Farm and get your ringtone, click here.

Meanwhile, Dinosaur Jr. are heading out on a pretty massive tour, which we're guessing will be even a whole lot louder than the improperly mixed album.