Diabolic Vengeance Ascending

Florida's Diabolic are stubbornly holding on to 1993, refusing to let go and face a reality of bands like Gorguts, Nile, Cryptopsy and the Dillinger Escape Plan. Rigidly treading down the path formed by fellow stale-mates Deicide and Cannibal Corpse, Diabolic are simply rehashing death metal Americana with those cookie monster vox, tired riffs and cruddy, bass-heavy production. Let's not forget the obscene Satanic lyrics, complete with as many extra exclamation points flying around in the lyric sheet as rejected Morbid Angel riffs around this tired album. The real head-shaker here is that the guys in Diabolic are all great players who could probably create an amazing death metal album if they did a bit of soul searching. Or maybe this is as deep as it gets. Oddly enough, this wasn't produced at Morrisound, so all Morrisound jokes are off for now. (Olympic)