Destination: Oblivion Hardwired

Ever prolific, Destination: Oblivion have now added a DVD to their alternating album/remix schedule, documenting on video the 2007 CD release party for what was then the brand new December Sun album. Interviews and backstage clips with founding member Damian and his hired guns elaborate on the concert footage and reveal their transformation from a bunch of guys playing music to Destination : Oblivion in full industrial make-up and style. The eight onstage numbers successfully coordinate backing tracks with live performance, reproducing D: O’s album sound with an added visceral intensity. In addition to shots of the pre-show set-up, a couple of raw and not particularly tasteful music videos — for "Sick” and "Hardwired” — complete the package, but the concert and close-up coverage are where the DVD’s strengths lie. (Apocalypse Machine)