Destination: Oblivion December Sun

A chronicle of digital age horrors, December Sun is divided into three "cycles” that roughly translate into birth, murder and death. The sections don’t develop their own distinct sounds as much as they offer different takes on Destination: Oblivion’s full range of ambience and aggression. Samples and electronic effects tend to engulf the abrasively percussive guitar work, emphasising the industrial half of the industrial metal equation. December Sun owes a lot to the early ’90s heavy electronic scene and even evokes Canadians Malhavoc at times, but the band also channel a little classic heavy metal and kick into a catchy groove that might belong to Marilyn Manson’s truly diabolical cousin. The single "Sick” shows up fairly early but individual songs are less successful than the album’s cumulative effect. Only at the end does it all really make sense. (Independent)