Del Bel "Crookcrank"

Del Bel 'Crookcrank'
Ontario orchestral pop outfit Del Bel are set to deliver another round of delightfully doom-filled songs with their third LP III next month, and Exclaim! is giving you a sneak peek at what's to come with the premiere of album cut "Crookcrank."
It follows a collaboration with Toronto rapper Clairmont the Second, but gives the starring vocal performance back over to Lisa Conway. Her haunting voice is backed by ominous-sounding instrumentation that expertly toes the line between spooky and infectiously groovy — and takes its inspiration from a surprisingly feline source.
"Crookcrank was inspired by my cats, and the mythical sea-monster, the Kraken," Conway tells Exclaim! "We had just adopted two shy and wild barn kittens, and were trying to charm them into liking us. What if this giant sea creature had the playful personality of my kittens? Maybe it was just a lonely and misunderstood monster looking for a friend."
You can hear that role reversal come to life through song by giving "Crookcrank" a listen below. III is due out April 7 through Missed Connection Records, and the band will mark the occasion with a release show at Longboat Hall in Toronto on April 29.