Death's 'Scream Bloody Gore' Treated to Deluxe, Expanded Reissue

Death's 'Scream Bloody Gore' Treated to Deluxe, Expanded Reissue
Relapse Records has spent the last few years reissuing the back catalogue of legendary death metal outfit Death, and the label has announced it's capping the series with the arguably the most iconic entry of all. A new, expanded edition of the band's legendary 1987 debut, Scream Bloody Gore, is due May 20.

A press release calls the album, originally offered through Combat Records, a genre-creating release. It's noted that the riffs and screams established within band leader Chuck Schuldiner's songwriting style founded the "quintessential death metal sound."

The reissue will be delivered in various formats, including a deluxe three-CD edition and an expansive double-LP version. It will also be offered up as a more modest double CD, a single LP release, on cassette and digitally.

The deluxe version includes the full 12-song Scream Bloody Gore, remastered from the source tapes by Alan Douches (Mastodon, Nile), as well as a bunch of bonus tracks. This includes various rehearsal recordings and unreleased studio sessions. As such, there are multiple versions of hard thrashing classics like "Torn to Pieces," "Baptized in Blood" and "Sacrificial."

Below, you can sample the remastered "Zombie Ritual."

The expanded release also features liner notes from former Death drummer Chris Reifert, later of Autopsy, as well as from Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy member Max Cavalera and Scream Bloody Gore producer Randy Burns. The deluxe box also includes a 12" x 12" back patch of Ed Repka's iconic cover art and a matching slipmat.

If you were looking to creep up your counter space, a bobblehead figure based on the artwork's goblet-clutching skeleton and his assortment of cloaked cronies is also up for grabs.

You'll find the full tracklisting for the Scream Bloody Gore reissue, which follows similar release behind the band's Leprosy and Spiritual Healing, below.

Scream Bloody Gore:

Disc 1:

1. Infernal Death
2. Zombie Ritual
3. Denial Of Life
4. Sacrificial
5. Mutilation
6. Regurgitated Guts
7. Baptized In Blood
8. Torn To Pieces
9. Evil Dead
10. Scream Bloody Gore
11. Beyond The Unholy Grave
12. Land Of No Return

Disc 2:

13. Torn To Pieces (Original Florida Session)
14. Legion Of Doom (Original Florida Session)
15. Scream Bloody Gore (Original Florida Session)
16. Sacrificial (Original Florida Session)
17. Mutilation (Original Florida Session)
18. Land of No Return (Original Florida Session)
19. Baptized In Blood (Original Florida Session)
20. Regurgitated Guts (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
21. Sacrificial (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
22. Sacrificial - Take 2 (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
23. Torn To Pieces (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
24. Do You Love Me? V1 (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
25. Infernal Death (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
26. Zombie Ritual (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
27. Beyond The Unholy Grave (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
28. Do You Love Me? V2 (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
29. Denial Of Life (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)

Disc 3:

30. (Part Of) Scream Bloody Gore (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
31. Legion Of Doom (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
32. Beyond The Unholy Grave (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
33. Scream Bloody Gore (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
34. Torn To Pieces (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
35. Mutilation (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
36. Torn To Pieces (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
37. Zombie Ritual (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
38. Land Of No Return (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
39. (Part of) Evil Dead (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
40. Baptized In Blood (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
41. Infernal Death (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
42. Denial of Life (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
43. Death Metal (Rehearsals 5/26/86)