Dear Rouge Pay Homage to Hollywood Classics with "Fake Fame"

The Vancouver duo have shared a dramatic black-and-white video for their new single
Dear Rouge Pay Homage to Hollywood Classics with 'Fake Fame'
After dropping their first new music in years last month, the gritty and glossy BC-bred Dear Rouge have returned with a music video for the roaring single "Fake Fame."

The husband-wife duo of Drew and Danielle McTaggart drew inspiration from films like Kill BillSin City and Pulp Fiction to set the aesthetic scene to visualize their musical exploration of the spotlight's repercussions.

Directed by Matt Lawrence, they filmed at a scrap yard in Fraser Valley's Cultus Lake. "It had all the raw visual symbolism of a place where dreams had gone to die," Lawrence explained, "and the textures of used-up metal and discarded scrap provided a perfect contrast to Dani's fantasy of fame and stardom."

The frontwoman added: "We really pushed ourselves to try some new things on this video — filming for 24 hours straight was almost like a microcosm of show business."

In the clip, Taggart enters an almost post-apocalyptic world that illustrates fame's seedy underbelly. Black-and-white colouring evokes the romanticism of Old Hollywood, which gets flipped on its head when zombie-like dancers emerge as adoring fans but eventually become — according to Lawrence — "attention-craving scavengers who pull [Dani] down to her eventual breaking point."

Just in time for spooky season, you can watch the video for "Fake Fame" below.

Dear Rouge's most recent record remains 2018's Phases