Dave Fields "Rain in Vancouver"

Dave Fields 'Rain in Vancouver'
If you're out in Vancouver right now, you're probably enjoying the hell out of a luscious and sun-stricken spring day. As local rapper Dave Fields points out in his new single, though, the West Coast hub is prone to taking a beating from hovering rain clouds. With than in mind, you can soak in the grey days-anticipating swerve of his "Rain in Vancouver" online right now.

A morose twinkle of piano and puddle-splashing beats flow throughout the track, while Fields spends his time behind the mic summing up how year-round storms are stressing him out. "I just wish that my skin was a bit thicker, because I'm always getting caught out in the water," he states sadly in the hook.

It's a downer look at Rain City, with Fields adding a splash of AutoTune to his nearly-in-tears bars about trying to keep his head above water. You can check it out down below.