Daughters / Big Brave / Container

Lee's Palace, Toronto ON, March 10

Photo: Matt Forsythe

BY Joe Smith-EngelhardtPublished Mar 11, 2019

The hype built for Daughters' tour in support of their critically acclaimed album, You Won't Get What You Want, can't be understated. Ever since Daughters made their live comeback in 2013, fans were eagerly awaiting new material to surface, and once the album arrived, it seemed to take over metal fans conscious for the better part of 2018.
Like the majority of the shows on this tour, Sunday night at Lee's Palace was completely sold out and jam-packed with people beyond eager for the technical noise rock crew's return to Toronto.
Opening the night, Rhode Island-based electronic act Container came out to deliver industrial-tinged instrumentals. The set warmed up the crowd for the noisy chaos the rest of the lineup were preparing to deliver, although the crowd were obviously waiting for something with a bit heavier punch to it.
Montreal's Big Brave stepped up next to deliver the hard-hitting noise people came out for. The doom metal trio's thunderous, droning sounds washed the crowd with an ethereal wall of sound built for shattering eardrums. Although their presence was much calmer than what you would expect from an opening act for a band as chaotic as Daughters, the haunting tones of their music created an eerie vibe leading into the headliner's set.
Daughters' show started off with the off-kilter noise rock of "The Reason They Hate Me," kicking the crowd into a sweaty frenzy. Vocalist Alexis S.F. Marshall stormed the stage with his usual disorderly swagger, while delivering his unnerving loose vocals and getting up close and personal with the crowd.
Newer tracks such as "Satan in the Wait," "The Lords Song" and "Guest House" sounded fantastic, and even more abrasive live. Hearing how well this material came across live, it makes sense why the band focused their set so heavily on the new album.
The band's set list was largely comprised of material from You Won't Get What You Want, but they managed to sneak in a handful of tracks from Hell Songs and their self-titled album. Songs such as "Recorded Inside A Pyramid" and "The Hit" were particularly hard-hitting, with their skittering guitar riffs and spastic drumming.
Closing off their set with the frantic yet epic-sounding "Ocean Song" was a perfect way to encapsulate the essence of Daughters' live show. The band gave it their all for the show in a way few others would be able to pull off in such an engaging way.

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