Danko Jones This Is Danko Jones

As alluded to in its liner notes, This Is Danko Jones is intended more to reassure the straightforward, no-frills hard rocker's Canadian contingent that despite being lured over to the brighter lights and warmer crowds of Europe, this trio are still quite active, lewd and loud. Comprised of personal favourites spanning their 12-year career, one hesitates to call this 15-track release a "best of" so much as a smattering of the purest, most distilled pelvic thrust-inducing classics these gents are capable of. From the driving groove of "Bounce" through "I Love Living In The City" and its sultry chorus to the laidback swing of more recent effort "King Of Magazines," This Is Danko Jones provides a strong overview of Jones's simplistic, primal prowess. Naturally, those who have been struggling to understand the band's barebones, "grind a good riff into the dirt" mentality aren't about to have an epiphany. The rest of us, however, will be pleased to add this refined collection of Jones's most memorable tunes to the party shuffle. (Aquarius)