D-Sisive "Golden Lullaby"

D-Sisive 'Golden Lullaby'
D-Sisive has already shared a track from his upcoming The Great Mr. Nobody, and here's another in the form of "Golden Lullaby."

The song begins with some cute call-and-response "ba-ba" vocals from a young child. It then shifts into a meaty percussion loop while the Canadian rapper describes his thrill at becoming a father. It was written almost two years ago.

He wrote in a statement, "Seeing/hearing my daughter's heartbeat for the first time, during her first ultrasound, kinda flushed that down the toilet. It made her real. It brought me to tears, and I only cry during funerals and the ending of Rudy. It was beautiful, and inspired me to write 'Golden Lullaby.'"

Listen to the MMac-produced track below. The Great Mr. Nobody drops on September 16. D-Sisive will release it with a show on September 19 at Toronto's Rancho Relaxo.