D-Sisive 'I'll Change Your Life If You Change Mine' (album stream)

D-Sisive 'I'll Change Your Life If You Change Mine' (album stream)
In recent months, Toronto rapper D-Sisive has been rolling out a string of stand-alone digital cuts. Now, he's put some of them together in an album called I'll Change Your Life If You Change Mine.

This digital album appears to be sub-titled aboyinaroom may. It features recent singles like "6-Inch God," "Fat Cage" and "Violent J." There are also a number of quirky new cuts, adding up to 11 in all. The last track is called "Peter's Tits [Lesbian Haircut (Win Butler​)​]," although it doesn't actually feature the Arcade Fire member. Rather, it's about Butler's haircut, and it ends with a R.I.P. message to the very-much-alive Carlos Santana.

Read D-Sisive's statement about the album below:

I didn't know you. You didn't know me. You would watch the big kids play basketball. I hated sports, but knew there was something we had in common. Just didn't know what. Everything changed the day I got Clancy. I was the only kid in the neighborhood with a pet raccoon. Clancy lost a leg in the war. People felt sorry for him, but not me. I preferred Clancy with 3 legs. Made him unique. Missing his front|left leg gave him the ability to somersault. You fell head over heels for my somersaulting, 3-legged raccoon, then became my friend by default. You told your friends about him. You even wrote about him in your school newspaper. Clancy was our ham and cheese. I knew it. But when you're me—you take what you can get.

Eventually, you moved on. Found new friends. Friends who wear clean clothes and shower twice a day. Friends who fish, take photos of their meals and drive cars. Clancy learned to carthwheel. And backflip. And tap dance. Clancy choreographed a routine to the Marianas Trench song 'Here's To The Zeros' [such a great fucking song]. I invited everyone in the neighborhood to watch Clancy perform his routine in the schoolyard. Nobody showed. They were all busy watching their friends shower.

I understand.

Well, if you ever get tired of watching your new friends shower, remember—I'm always in the schoolyard. With Clancy.