Someone Else

BY Luke PearsonPublished Mar 22, 2017

Montreal producer Christophe Dubé (known artistically as CRi) offers up a satisfying collection of atmospheric, bedroom-trance numbers on his latest EP, Someone Else, a quick followup to 2016's Tell Her, also on Young Art Records. Split between vocal-oriented/single-ready material and more exploratory, textured offerings, the EP strikes a good balance, and Dubé succeeds ably in both modes.
It opens with the now seemingly de rigueur tone-setting piece that serves more as a stylistic shorthand than an actual track — the kind of thing fired off to record execs for quick reference. It's perfectly fine, but its replays will likely be scant. The one-two punch of lead-single "Keep It Real" (featuring Jesse Mac Cormack) and "My Place" (featuring Odile Myrtil) follows, however, and both are very strong. They fall into well-worn vocal-trance territory, but Dubé's confidence and distinctive style carry the day. There is a lush, analog ambience that permeates this EP, giving everything a pleasingly organic vibe.
These more atmospheric leanings are emphasized on the EP's two closing tracks, which are even more satisfying, if not as catchy. The smooth build of "Rush" (featuring guest producer Ouri) culminates in an unexpected but totally successful drum'n'bass beat that is perhaps the highlight of the EP, although the syncopated, almost tribal-sounding percussion in "For You" is impressive as well, displaying a versatility not present in the more single-ready offerings.
Dubé walks the line between artistry and accessibility well; hopefully future releases don't find him minimizing the former.
(Young Art Records)

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