Cowboy Junkies Announce Details of Vic Chesnutt Tribute Album

Cowboy Junkies Announce Details of Vic Chesnutt Tribute Album
Back in May, Cowboy Junkies released Renmin Park, the first in a four-volume set called The Nomad Series. When the disc initially came out, the band announced that the follow-up would be a tribute album made up of songs by recently deceased singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt. Now, we have the details of the Chesnutt-honouring collection, Demons, which is due out February 15 via the band's Latent Recordings.

Cowboy Junkies were friends with Chesnutt, who appeared on their 2008 album, Trinity Revisited (a remake of 1987 album The Trinity Sessions).

In a press release, Cowboy Junkies guitarist Michael Timmins said, "We let happy accidents happen and tried to invest his songs with the same spirit in which they were written, but at the same time adding our own northern spin. Exploring his songs and delving deeper and deeper into them has been an intense, moving and joyous experience. I don't think Vic would have wanted it any other way."

Check out the ten-song tracklist below, which draws on some of the highlights from Chesnutt's vast catalogue.

Chesnutt committed suicide last December.


1. "Wrong Piano"

2. "Flirted with You All My Life"

3. "See You Around"

4. "Betty Lonely"

5. "Square Room"

6. "Ladle"

7. "Supernatural"

8. "West of Rome"

9. "Strange Language"

10. "We Hovered with Short Wings"

11. "When the Bottom Fell Out"