Copywrite Cruise Control Mixtape Vol. 1

It’s been a couple of years since Copywrite’s punch line-heavy shock value rhymes showed up on The High Exhaulted. Since then the Ohio-bred MC, despite making an insightful appearance on RJD2’s acclaimed debut, yet took a lot of well-founded criticism on his one-dimensional trash-talking approach to the mic. It seems he has taken a lot of this to heart or has evolved in general as Copywrite’s growth as an MC is clearly evident on this mix-tape. The laid-back vibe of the title, however is completely misleading as Copywrite along with his O.D.OT. crew are hungry and in true mix-tape fashion take on spitting over Mobb Deep and G-Unit instrumentals among others. It’s noticeable Copywrite doesn’t spit as many profane rhymes as in the past and is intent on becoming a more fully rounded MC who can tap further into the sensitive issue of his father’s death ("Size 12’s”) or show newfound vigour and versatility when rocking over Jake One beats or the undeniably dope Jay Dee-assisted "That’s A Wrap.” This approach may ruffle the feathers of some who are fans of his previous work, and while the presence of his crew could have been tempered a little, this mix-tape succeeds in capturing Copywrite’s evolving style in progress. (Nature Sounds)